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My Favorite Tips for Getting Your Emails Opened with Eye-catching Subject Lines

Friday, December 27th, 2013

i-africanwilddog -blackball Get Emails Opened with Eye-catching Subject Lines

I recently revisited one of my favorite reference articles on writing emails that get opened and discovered. For me there were a few key pearls I’d like to share.  But caution, I’m especially obsessed with a great subject line so my attention when to that section.

  • Use a number because digits stop a wandering eye. I love the power of numbers so this one got an easy A from me.
  • Quit cleverness. Simple, specific subject lines beat clever alternatives every time. I get emails from vendors daily with clever but cryptic subject lines.  They get deleted in a heartbeat.
  • Learn from the Masters: I read the headline from Daily Candy everyday and it never ceases to draw me in. And who can resist the video headline “Cutest Dad-Daughter Duo Ever.” I have no time to view this but I must. Plus I love alliterations.
  • Related to “Learn from the Masters” is “Pique Curiousity.” I think the greatest complement you can receive is a writer lifting your subject line or headline verbatim for their piece. I pitched a story entitled African dogs no match for Vibram Pet Products toy and it got picked up with that exact headline in a major daily.

Here’s the article for more great pointers on getting your email read: