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How and When to Choose a Hashtag

Friday, March 28th, 2014


i-stephen colbertI’m intrigued by the constant flurry of hashtags floated into the Twittersphere? So many seem random and, predictably, are left languishing in space. Of course hashtags like #cancelcolbert started by clueless viewers of The Colbert Report who don’t understand the satiric nature of the show are super hot.  But that’s exceptional.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see that Twitter itself came out with a brilliantly succinct and helpful “Choosing a #” graphic. It walks Tweeters through different scenarios, offering various solutions based on Yes or No answers.  First off, it suggests using an already existing hashtag if it’s germane and one a Tweeter can add value to.  If an existing one won’t do, Twitter advises  making it memorable through media integration.  The graphic also underscores the need to make it easy to understand and interesting to people that aren’t already following the Tweeter.  Finally, it warns that if the hashtag is based on an event or a current news item, be prepared for only a short term blitz.  Even a newsy hashtag  as notorious as cancelling Stephen Colbert will fade to grey very soon.

Thanks Twitter.