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12 Tips for a Successful Media Interview

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Scoring a media interview is exciting, but, for many, also frightening.  Follow the tips below to eliminate or at least reduce the dread and possibly even enjoy the experience. The first five basic tips, can also be found in PRSA’s ComPRhension .

  1. Set an agenda: Determine who you want to talk to and what you want to say.  And consider what your dream headline and quote would be.
  2. Develop three key messages: These messages should describe, differentiate and tout benefits.
  3. Prove your point: Offer supporting evidence in the form of expert statements, statistics, studies anecdotal stories, etc.
  4. Develop a detailed Q&A. Try to consider every imaginable question that could be asked – good and bad.  Also take into consideration, any current events that could be linked to the story.
  5. Go out with a strong closing statement that underscores the benefits.
  6. Tell the truth and tell it fast.  If it’s bad don’t expand but never lie.
  7. Work on using sound bites.  Offer shocking, contrary to conventional wisdom pearls.  Be funny and paint a picture.
  8. Never say the words “No comment .” Sometimes it’s just semantics but that phrase is very often interpreted as an admission of guilt.  Instead apologize that it’s confidential or promise to offer more when you have all the facts.
  9. Never ask a reporter for coverage.  They consider themselves objective journalists and won’t appreciate the request.  Go a step further after the fact too and instead of thanking them for coverage thank them for their interest.  They reported on your company or product because it was newsworthy not to do you a favor.
  10. Also think “Why should they care?” and craft the message accordingly.
  11. Be persuasive and not just informative.
  12. Tell a story about a customer or  your own experience. Not only is it more interesting but it offers another form of personal credibility.

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