Touch it Once, save two weeks of work

Greg Cooper, a photographer I was interviewing for a blog on AP photo captions introduced me to the Touch it Once (TIO) principle. It’s been an amazing productivity booster and time management tool, especially when it comes to email.  

According to “Let’s say you have 5 tough emails in your inbox. They have meeting requests, require research, ask multiple questions… “you’ll take care of this later.” You re-read the email twice before taking action on the third time. If it takes you 2 minutes to re-read the email, that’s 20 minutes of re-work. Just 20 minutes of re-work a day, 5 days a week for a 48-week working year adds up to 80 hours. That’s 2 full 40 hour work weeks!”

In a nutshell, I use the four Ds with incoming email.  I immediately deal with it, delete it, delegate or drop it into my outlook tasks. For a visual guide, see asianefficency’s infographic below.  And start thinking of what to do with that extra two weeks.



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