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PR pros can learn from Oscar trailers

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

i-jenniferlawrenceI admit I haven’t seen American Hustle yet but the trailer has me hooked.  The 100 second spot is brilliant and compelling and an inspiration to the art of story telling. There’s the perfect musical score and sexy visuals but it’s the story they tell that is most important — a story that leaves you wanting more.

When pr practitioners are promoting a product or company it’s easy to become obsessed with the features and benefits that we know so intimately.  But, ultimately, what matters to our audience is the story behind it.  That’s what makes a product, person or company come alive, that’s what creates empathy.

We all know that the prize won’t necessarily go to the most deserving film tonight, but, politics aside, all nine of them deserve an Oscar for promotion.Oscar Nominee Trailers