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Cliffs Notes on Expanding Content’s Reach

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

i-contentreachswissA client expecting his first child lamented he wished there were Cliffs Notes for all the baby books stacked on his nightstand.  It got me thinking — I feel the same way about the amazing marketing webinars, blogs, podcasts, white papers and newsletters out there.  So many great resources and so little time to review them! I decided I’d start producing my own version of Cliffs Notes on some outstanding content.  I promise to condense it down to a five minute read, pulling out the golden nuggets so you don’t have to.

This Cliffs Notes installment is a Cision white paper on the three stages of expanding your content’s reach: creation, distribution, and amplification. Enjoy:

Quality over quantity — give your audience relevant content

Three main factors determine if content will attract and retain target audiences

  • Voice: Articulates brand’s personality, culture and positioning
  • Tone: A subset of voice it depends on the target audience and content format
  • Relevance: Understand how and why your audience consumes content and what topics they are interested in

Content creation—must be useful and interesting to your target audience

  • Step 1: Establish goals, including what you want to accomplish and who you want to reach and try to tie to business objectives of sales, marketing and creative.
  • Step 2: Listen to your audience with monitoring tools and also research the audience’s demographics
  • Step 3: Provide value – what’s in it for them?
  • Step 4: Make it shareable with social shareable buttons and keywords (but not keyword stuffing)
  • Step 5: Include multimedia – photos, videos, infographics and other multimedia content

Content distribution

  • Use a distribution service
  • Cross channel promotion: Email distribution and social sharing
  • Internal communications: Communicate to sales and customer service
  • Utilize influencers: Identify by not only number of followers but also relevance of topics they cover. Build loyalty before asking them to share content and use custom tracking links to monitor
  • Integrate paid media: Sponsored content; promoted Facebook stories, Tweets or Instagram posts; customized ads on your new feed; or, for limited budgets, sponsoring or guest posting on an influential blog
  • Share on social
  • Collect subscribers: Set up an RSS feed, podcast, email newsletter or blog subscription form

Content amplification

  • Reuse and repurpose: Use chapters or subsets of the content or design infographics for statistics cited
  • Curate relevant content: Comment, offer insight, and point of view to content that is similar to yours
  • Measure effectiveness to determine which channels and strategies are working best

Conclusion: For a larger impact on business goals and to win over the most readers, use an integrated approach to write, distribute, promote and analyze good content.

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