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Hooray for Huff Po: Anonymous Comments Now a No-No

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Our neighbor is a soft spoken scientist  — funny, kindhearted and a great dad.  And, despite a long working  commute to Boston, he manages to coach his sons’ basketball team.  One Friday his community service and reputation were maligned in an anonymous comments column of a local community rag. He was accused of screaming at his players during a recent game — an accusation vehemently denied by friends, family and strangers at the game.

The editor, in my opinion should follow Amanda Huffington’s lead and ban anonymous comments altogether. “I feel that freedom of expression is given to people who stand up for what they say and [are] not hiding behind anonymity,” Huffington explained. “We need to evolve a platform to meet the needs of the grown-up Internet,”

Everyone in pr has been requested by one or more clients to pen a letter to the editor.  Equally important as writing a compelling argument, is the willingness to own up to it.  Otherwise, you have wasted everyone’s time, since any reputable outlet will refuse to publish it.

So hooray for Huff Po for taking a stand against trolls and cowards   For my small part, I have boycotted that local weekly ever since.