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How and When to Choose a Hashtag

Friday, March 28th, 2014


i-stephen colbertI’m intrigued by the constant flurry of hashtags floated into the Twittersphere? So many seem random and, predictably, are left languishing in space. Of course hashtags like #cancelcolbert started by clueless viewers of The Colbert Report who don’t understand the satiric nature of the show are super hot.  But that’s exceptional.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see that Twitter itself came out with a brilliantly succinct and helpful “Choosing a #” graphic. It walks Tweeters through different scenarios, offering various solutions based on Yes or No answers.  First off, it suggests using an already existing hashtag if it’s germane and one a Tweeter can add value to.  If an existing one won’t do, Twitter advises  making it memorable through media integration.  The graphic also underscores the need to make it easy to understand and interesting to people that aren’t already following the Tweeter.  Finally, it warns that if the hashtag is based on an event or a current news item, be prepared for only a short term blitz.  Even a newsy hashtag  as notorious as cancelling Stephen Colbert will fade to grey very soon.

Thanks Twitter.


Nine Habits of Highly Effective People Hits Home

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

The PRNews Blog’s Nine Habits of Highly Effective PR People list offers no brainer advice that bears repeating.  For example, under Listen Hard, the author suggests always taking notes during meetings.  Duh, right? But then I remembered a client’s complaint that during weekly meetings, many of his employees wrote nothing down. Sounds shockingly unproductive but probably more common place than we know.

I also love the advice to Read Until Your Eyes Hurt and not only because it made me heart my hard core bookclub.  I also recalled listening to a colleague tell a client a very interesting tale and wondering “Where is she going with this?” And then POW, she hit us with the punch line – the story was so worth it!

There are seven more simple gems in there, but to sum it up “Any job big or small is worth doing right or not at all.” (Credits to my dad for the quote.)  Check out the article at:

PR pros can learn from Oscar trailers

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

i-jenniferlawrenceI admit I haven’t seen American Hustle yet but the trailer has me hooked.  The 100 second spot is brilliant and compelling and an inspiration to the art of story telling. There’s the perfect musical score and sexy visuals but it’s the story they tell that is most important — a story that leaves you wanting more.

When pr practitioners are promoting a product or company it’s easy to become obsessed with the features and benefits that we know so intimately.  But, ultimately, what matters to our audience is the story behind it.  That’s what makes a product, person or company come alive, that’s what creates empathy.

We all know that the prize won’t necessarily go to the most deserving film tonight, but, politics aside, all nine of them deserve an Oscar for promotion.Oscar Nominee Trailers