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My Favorite Tips for Getting Your Emails Opened with Eye-catching Subject Lines

Friday, December 27th, 2013

i-africanwilddog -blackball Get Emails Opened with Eye-catching Subject Lines

I recently revisited one of my favorite reference articles on writing emails that get opened and discovered. For me there were a few key pearls I’d like to share.  But caution, I’m especially obsessed with a great subject line so my attention when to that section.

  • Use a number because digits stop a wandering eye. I love the power of numbers so this one got an easy A from me.
  • Quit cleverness. Simple, specific subject lines beat clever alternatives every time. I get emails from vendors daily with clever but cryptic subject lines.  They get deleted in a heartbeat.
  • Learn from the Masters: I read the headline from Daily Candy everyday and it never ceases to draw me in. And who can resist the video headline “Cutest Dad-Daughter Duo Ever.” I have no time to view this but I must. Plus I love alliterations.
  • Related to “Learn from the Masters” is “Pique Curiousity.” I think the greatest complement you can receive is a writer lifting your subject line or headline verbatim for their piece. I pitched a story entitled African dogs no match for Vibram Pet Products toy and it got picked up with that exact headline in a major daily.

Here’s the article for more great pointers on getting your email read:








Bode Miller’s Olympic FiveFingers Training Captures National Media Attention

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Bode Miller for Vibram FiveFingers

We promoted the launch of Bode Miller’s 2014 Olympic rogue training routine featured in a Vibram FiveFingers “What’s Your Story,” video and got an exclusive with USA Today:  It was also picked up by Yahoo Biz, Reuters,, and many others.

What’s Your Story is an ongoing series highlighting inspirational, personal stories and unique uses of the revolutionary glove-styled footwear. In the video, Bode, wears his training footwear of choice: Vibram FiveFingers.  It’s filmed in Bode’s native Franconia, NH, and the video catches him as he works out in a new spring ‘14 Vibram FiveFingers model: the KSO EVO. Here’s a link to the 60-second video.