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Nuclear Power PR Post Japan: No Longer Hiding under their Desks

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

With a good friend in Japan, my nine-year-old son was alarmed to hear of the quake and tsunami. His buddy responded via email that he was fine and had to hide under his desk at school when the earthquake hit.

We were relieved temporarily until news of the damaged nuclear power plant surfaced. I thought of opening my home up to him and his mother if they needed to escape the radiation.

Thankfully the latest news is that the radiation levels in the water are safe the electricity is back on, suggesting that the cooling systems will be up and running and danger averted.

But I have to agree with a recent mediabistro article
“Nuclear Power Industry Puts Up a PR Fight in the Face of Growing Fears.” The general public is mystified and, as a result, often petrified of nuclear power plants.

Whether you believe in nuclear power or not, as a pr practitioner you have to question the effectiveness of their past and current marcomm efforts.