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Should you shell out more for a social media release over the wire?

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

We recently made a recommendation to our client to consider a social media release format for putting our new product news over the wire.  He asked, “Is it worth the extra money? “ Good question,” I thought and decided to do more digging. 

I came across a brilliant article (see bottom for the link) that suggested otherwise.  The net net was that SMPRs are expensive and they don’t drive people to your site, especially since the readers can get all the meat by viewing the wire release (i.e. pictures, videos, call-out quotes, all the bells and whistles a social media release offer).

The solution offered and one I suggested sheepishly to my client after the fact was to do a bare bones text-only traditional release under the 400 word minimum so as not to incur the hefty charges for extra word count. Then drive them to you site with a website address link (included for free by the wire service) where your visitors can see an expanded, fancier version of the release — basically an SMPR but on your site . You can even do hyperlinks to each product order page so it’s really a one stop shopping release. 

Our client was also in the process of building a new site so all the social media hyperlinks we would have paid extra for would not have worked a few weeks later anyways.  Another reason for us to keep it simple and cheap!!

Today, more than ever, we need to be questioning expenditures we make on behalf of our client.  This approach is always a win win.