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Wired’s Chris Anderson Blacklists PR People

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

I recently listened in on  an  audio interview of Wired’s Chris Anderson, who caused a furor in marketing circles by posting the email addresses of  “lazy flacks” who flood his inbox with untargeted pitches, releases and other PR communiqués.  He stressed how crucial it was for pr reps to know the publication, the editor and what the editor writes about and is interested in. He said the best emails are not driven by the client or a release but by serendipity, i.e. spotting a piece the editor has written that is a perfect fit for the client.

This advice seems obvious but it is a crucial reminder that our work should be about quality not quantity. I experienced this first hand recently when I reached out to an editor on an article on playground surfacing.  I pointed out that in addition to the recycled tire rubber products, there was a safer alternative made from clean sole trimmings.  I explained how used tires may contain steel belts and that the magnetic removal system is not 100 percent. As a result,  children can and have been hurt. The editor requested product information and images and plans to run a piece on my client QuaBoing in an upcoming issue. In part it was pure luck that I was able to reach an editor who was receptive and nice but the other piece of the puzzle was the research and targeted pitch. In this case it was well worth the effort.